We've decided to go one step further and offer our suggestions on our other favorite Bachelorette Party items. Navigating through a large site can be overwhelming so we've done part of the work for you. As always feel free to look around the site for yourself and you'll discover a lot of great options for your party!

Click on the photos below and it'll bring you to the item.
If there are multiple items in the photo and you like something else pictured,
bachelorette.com, it'll be on there!


Lingerie Bachelorette Party Invitation
Martini confetti Bachelorette party invitation
Final Fling Before the Ring Invitation Pink

More Dress Up Stuff

black bride tank top
Pink 80
Pink Satin bachelorette sash
White maid of honor tank top
Pink heart tiara
Pink bride to be sash
Bachelorette Tiara
Pink cowgirl hat
pink bridesmaid tiara


male stereotypes game
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Stacks Image 236
WTF game the raunchy version
Stacks Image 243
Stacks Image 245
Dirty Minds Game
Stacks Image 252
Stacks Image 254


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Drinks & Snacks

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Gifts, Prizes, & Party Favors

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Buying a few of these items is sure to enhance your party while still creating a stylish atmosphere. However, buying all or many of them can easily make your party trashy and tacky, no one wants that!

So be careful of your choices, and be selective.

During the process of creating this site we found that the best place for getting your supplies was bachelorette.com. They by far have the best selection, especially when it comes to fashionable bachelorette party items. We've decided to partner with bachelorette.com.

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